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Denise Van Outen hints ex Eddie Boxall cheated on her more than once and admits she almost forgave him


DENISE Van Outen has revealed she thinks her ex-boyfriend Eddie Boxall cheated on her more than once.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Denise said she considered forgiving Eddie, 48, for the alleged indiscretions before taking her mum’s advice and dumping him.

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Denise Van Outen has spoken out about Eddie’s alleged infidelities[/caption]


The 47-year-old has been left heartbroken by the relationship breakdown[/caption]

Writing in her autobiography, A Bit Of Me, Denise detailed the moment she found a photograph of a woman’s breasts in a deleted folder on their home iPad.

She went on to say that the folder had more pictures within it of Eddie posing for selfie’s with different women in bars.

Denise, 47, continued: “There were also Instagram messages alluding to phone sex with a third woman.

“Her name was Tracy and she’d apparently spoken to Eddie over FT and text for a long period.

“They’d never met in person, but she said the conversations had become sexual in nature reasonably quickly.”

In her chat with The Sun, Denise said when she discovered what Eddie had done she was heartbroken.

Denise said: “We had our ups and downs about silly little things, who left the lid off the toothpaste but never anything that bad.

“It was quite a happy home.

“I had worked really hard to build a lovely home for us. I was the one doing the work and paying for the house and everything so it’s even more devastating to me that there was deceit and lies.

“It was heart-breaking.

“My mum said to me, ‘One time is a mistake, anything more than that and it is a habit.’

“And she only had to say that to me and I thought, you’re absolutely right. I needed to go. For me and my daughter it was the right thing to do.”

Denise said she refused to wallow in her sorrows however and tried to make the negative into a positive.

She said: “The most recent situation was devastating and trust me, I did a lot of crying into my pillow at night. I am not one to display it all on social media

“There is a lot about me that I keep quiet. My hurt and my upset I kept at home.

“Even with that, I was sitting in bed one night. It was 4am and I couldn’t sleep.

“And I thought, rather than getting upset. I get the chance to fall in love all over again. How brilliant is that?

“I felt so content in the relationship. But rather than sitting around and feeling down and thinking to myself, ‘My life has turned to c**p’.

“I just thought, ‘No, I need to be positive about this.’”

Denise Van Outen’s autobiography A Bit Of Me is published March 17 by Ebury.

In it she reveals her revenge porn ordeal aged 15 after a sick older man secretly filmed her losing her virginity.

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The star wants to meet someone new and fall in love again[/caption]

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