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Cops to pay Laidley after leaked pictures


Ms Laidley launched a civil suit against the Victorian government last year, alleging police officers exposed her to humiliation and ridicule and acted with malice when they began circulating two images. She claimed she had been brought into “public ridicule and contempt” and her reputation had been damaged after two photos taken following Ms Laidley’s arrest in 2020 were first shared within a private WhatsApp group before being shared more widely on social media. Victoria Police confirmed the matter had been settled. “By agreement of both parties to the litigation, the terms of settlement are confidential,” a Victoria Police spokesperson said. “As per standard process, any discipline proceedings relevant to the members charged criminally will follow the conclusion of those criminal matters.”One of the photos showed her in custody wearing a dress, long blonde wig and makeup, while the other was a mugshot of her on a police computer screen. One police officer accused of leaking the photos – Senior Constable Murray Gentner – had his criminal charges against him thrown out of court earlier this month. Senior Constable Shane Reid and Constable David Hall have also been charged over the alleged incident, and will contest the charges in court later this year.

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