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Balanced News: Rwanda splurges on sports draws criticism

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Rwanda is investing heavily in sports through partnerships with clubs such as Arsenal and PSG and the organization of the World Road Cycling Championships in 2025. However, this strategy has drawn criticism from the opposition, which doubts it is usefull for the economy of the 73rd FIFA Congress host country. First, it was a multi-million dollar sponsorship of English Premier League club Arsenal in 2018, followed by a splashy deal to back French giants Paris Saint-Germain a year later. The “Visit Rwanda” can now be seen on Premier League and Ligue 1 pitches. The vision of Rwandan authorities takes shape with club sponsorships and hosting duties for events ranging from 2021’s Basketball Africa league tournament to cycling’s Road World Championships in 2025. Government officials have defended the projects, arguing that they serve to bolster the country’s reputation as a safe destination for high-profile events.

Pre-pandemic tourism revenues jumped 17 percent to

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