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HomeBreaking NewsWoman slashed with pizza cutter over ‘stolen’ meth
Breaking News

Woman slashed with pizza cutter over ‘stolen’ meth


Corey Layet, 31, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to causing serious harm to the woman and appeared in the District Court on Wednesday for sentencing submissions.Chief Judge Michael Evans heard Layet had been staying with his then-girlfriend at the apartment of an associate in Gilberton.Stacey Carter, for Layet, said the block of units where they had been staying was notorious among locals for the prevalence of drugs and violence.“There is consistent drug use among all participants on that occasion,” she said.“Layet and his partner were residing there for a short period of time. He makes it clear he is a drug user and has been for many years.”Layet later told a psychiatrist the victim had stolen some drugs from him and when he woke on March 7, 2021, he confronted her. “He describes her as ‘fried’ and significantly impacted by drugs at the time to the point that she was following him around constantly asking questions, being non-coherent and nonsensical,” Ms Carter said. “He did act out, he doesn’t dispute that.”Layet bashed the woman, using a wine bottle and pizza cutter on her.Lucy Hurley, prosecuting, listed the injuries the victim suffered.“There was evidence of facial injuries with bruises and lacerations, multiple penetrating injuries of the neck, laceration to the left arm, further lacerations to the hand, tenderness of the rib cage bilaterally, which were later confirmed to be rib fractures, and fractures to the facial bone,” she said.“CT scan showed potential bleeding to the brain.”Despite the severity of the injuries, the victim went to bed after the attack and was only taken to hospital by ambulance when she woke up.At the hospital the victim was evasive with medical staff and eventually absconded from the hospital before some of her injuries could be treated.Ms Carter said the victim left knives lying around the house, however she disputed her client used a knife on the victim.Instead, she said her client had used a pizza cutter that left deep cuts to the woman’s arm and face.He was arrested the day of the attack and has remained in custody since.Ms Carter said Layet had experienced a tragic upbringing and had been using heroin and methamphetamine since he was 14 years old.He will appear in court again next month.

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