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Terrifying result of wild storms


On Thursday morning, traffic through Springbrook Road on the Gold Coast in the state’s south-east was brought to a standstill when a section of the cliff collapsed, with rubble spilling onto the road.Springbrook Road was closed off to traffic, with experts called in to fix the disaster.However, the clean up is expected to take days to complete.The Springbrook area copped a massive 352mm of rain in just one week, while Beechmont Road, to the west, also faced its own landslide after facing a similar deluge.A number of roads in Dalby to the west of Brisbane have also been closed due to floodwaters, while the Gold Coast is now strewn with debris as a result of the wild weather.Earlier this week, northern NSW dominated headlines after the iconic town of Byron Bay was inundated by floods, with photos showing its famous main street completely underwater.Lismore was also flooded after the town’s levee was breached, and a string of communities on the NSW north coast received evacuation orders.Sadly, it seems there’s no relief in sight for weary Northern Rivers residents, with Acting Premier Paul Toole warning earlier this week that more flooding was on the way within days.“We are still expecting a very wet period over the coming months,” Mr Toole said.“We may [have this] situation come back again in a week’s time. April is expected to be quite wet in many parts of the state.”State Minister for Emergency Services Steph Cooke also gave a sombre update in a press conference on Wednesday alongside the SES, telling residents her “worst fears had been realised” in the wake of the devastating floods in the region.“Unfortunately overnight, our worst fears have been realised with significantly heavy rainfall across already saturated landscapes, particularly across the Northern Rivers region and the Mid North Coast,” she said.“It’s a special reminder and call out to communities to be very, very careful at this time as you move about, and we encourage you not to move unless you really need to at this time. “We should be treating all powerlines as if they are live.”

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