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Seven facts you don’t know about the new premier


But there is still plenty we don’t know about the man who is set to lead our state. The Advertiser shares a bit about Mali.His favourite holiday destination is just a hop, skip and a jump awayKangaroo Island is the destination of choice for Mali. He said the iconic South Australian tourism destination is home to some of the most picturesque locations. “All South Australians know how lucky we are to have so many stunning regions to choose from across the State,” he said.“However, Kangaroo Island holds a special spot in our family’s heart.“Sophie, our oldest, is six now, and Jack is four – and their favourite spot is Seal Bay. Open, pristine beaches, seals so close. You can watch them for hours.”“KI is a favourite summer spot, but we love rugging up and exploring the island in winter.”Looking for a mean steak? Head around to Mali’s placeWhether it’s the slow-cook roast or a quick burn on the BBQ, rib eye is the cut of choice for Mr Malinauskas. “There’s something about the bone in it that makes it enjoyable to cook and adds to the flavour,” he said. “With a rib eye you can cook it as a standing roast or cook it as a steak and I love the compare and contrast to change it up.”Like most South Australians, he loves a beerWhile he has decided to stay dry when it comes to alcohol this year, Mr Malinauskas has managed to find a loophole.“I’ve been off the beers this year, so I’ve been having a few of the zero alcohol beers,” he said.“Hahn Superdry is my usual and when I want a special treat I have a Little Creatures Pale Ale. Great Northern is a pretty good substitute too.”Long days at the Adelaide Oval are among his fondest memoriesLike many other lucky South Australians, Mr Malinauskas’ father had the presence of mind to put him on the waiting list to become a SACA member on the day he was born.It led to years of memories at Adelaide Oval.“I was lucky enough to become a member by the time I was nine,” he said. “Dad used to let me run around with a couple of mates collecting autographs of the cricket players.“And those days, in the hot sun, running around with my friends and spending time with Dad – they were pretty special.”It is only fitting that his victory party was held there on Saturday night.Mali the gardenerThe state’s new premier has a bit of an obsession with his lawn and the latest campaign hasn’t made it easy to maintain.“I haven’t had any time to tend to it lately, so the state of it is driving me crazy,” he said.“I look forward to giving it the attention that it deserves to bring it back into shape in due course.”With the time constraints he now faces with his new responsibility as the state’s leader, it might be time for Mali to engage a professional.An iconic Australian bird has won the title of his favourite animal“I don’t know why but I love kookaburras, there’s something about their laugh that puts a spring in your step,” he said.There was plenty to laugh about on Saturday night.When it comes to sporting teams, there is only one“Adelaide University Football Club, which is the self-proclaimed best football club in the world,” he said.Mr Malinauskas passion for the club is no secret.However, he describes himself as an average player.But a little investigation from The Advertiser found that might not be the case.Back in 2016, it appears Mali was quite a force up forward, kicking 33 goals in just 12 games in the SAAFL C5 division.This included bags of seven and eight.

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