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Off the Record: Anonymous Libs leak Tarzia’s campaign donations


LOOSE LIPSAmong those Liberal Party dissidents who have been doing their utmost in recent times to white-ant Premier Steven Marshall has been an group calling itself the Concerned Liberals.The anonymous entity has been sending emails over the past year to selected journalists in Adelaide newsrooms containing highly sensitive and confidential information on a range of subjects.They have included allegations of sexual harassment among staff in the office of Newland MP Dr Richard Harvey, Cabinet papers about SA Water taking over a septic tank system in Adelaide’s northeastern suburbs and internal documents about Renewal SA while it was the subject of an ICAC investigation.The latest email contains what appears to be the election campaign funding for the office of Hartley MP Vincent Tarzia, providing a timely insight into how the Liberal Party oils its election machine.According to the five-page document, among those who have donated sizeable sums to the Tarzia’s electorate office directly or through the party’s fundraising arm, Future SA, have been individuals such as former Santos chairman Ross Adler, real estate agent Bernard Booth, builder Anthony Carocci, local government lawyer Natasha Jones, Thomson Geer chief partner Adrian Tembel and businessman David Tudorovic.Organisations and companies which have tipped in money include the Real Estate Institute of South Australia, Prime Hotels and Events, Canberra-based lobbyists Barton Deakin Government Relations, Proud Developments and Consulting, KW Wholesalers Stationers, Kelledy Jones Lawyers, Employers Mutual Management, Burns for Blinds, Accord Property Development, Deloitte, Allianz Australia, Australasian Property Developments, Boileau Business Technology, Saab Australia, Blue Crystal Solutions and Newton-based cheesemaker La Casa Del Formaggio. What The Concerned Liberals aim to achieve by circulating the document remains unclear but it certainly makes for interesting reading.Banking on itAnother leak to Off the Record this week also involved election funding, this time for long-term Upper House MLC and former valuer-general John Darley. An envelope anonymously left at the front counter of The Advertiser contained three months of recent bank statements for Mr Darley’s party, Advance SA.The statements show that, as at January 31, the account had a balance of $811.48.By the middle of last month, it had grown to $34,466.83, thanks to a number of fairly sizeable donations.They included $5000 from the Maras Group, $3000 from the Australian Hotels Association, $5000 from Adelaide hotel and apartment operator John Culshaw and a total of $15,000 from potato growers and winery owners, the Virgara family.While the statements show various sums coming into the account, there was no expenditure in the three months, except for bank fees.How much Mr Darley since has spent on his election campaign is unclear, as the statements end on February 22. One observer did note, however, that so far there hasn’t been much in the way of corflutes, advertising, pamphlets or other election material floating around.Perhaps Mr Darley was waiting to make a late charge on election eve. No doubt all will be revealed when the statement of returns are lodged in a couple of months time.GIRL TALKWhen Peter Malinauskas called a group of male Young Liberals who ambushed his morning run “girls” last week, Libs young and old were lining up to have a crack.But you know what they say about pots and kettles.Since the gaffe, Off The Record has been made aware of several gendered criticisms that have come straight from the mouths of the state’s two most senior Liberals, Premier Steven Marshall and Treasurer Rob Lucas.Mr Lucas has twice compared Labor’s election spending to that of the Kardashian family, declaring last weekend “this is the type of spending frenzy that would even make Kim Kardashian blush”.Then, in a breakfast radio debate this week, Mr Marshall told listeners “it’s not over ‘til the fat lady sings”.And thanks to an eagle-eared reader who sent in a link to a video of Mr Marshall addressing the Tourism Industry Council of South Australia policy forum breakfast, in which he referred to coronavirus as “a bitch”.That event happened to be held on, yep, International Women’s Day.EXACTING REVENGEOff the Record would be incomplete without an item about the latest shenanigans at Adelaide Town Hall.Power was restored this week to the dominant faction, Team Adelaide, after it was caught short by the unexpected illness of Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor from Covid.Verschoor returned on Tuesday to chair the second half of a meeting prematurely ended last week by councillor Phillip Martin and four other “independents” – Anne Moran, Greg Mackie, Keiran Snape and Helen Donovan.Still smarting from having lost their numbers because anti-domestic violence campaigner Arman Abrahimzadeh took the chair in Ms Verschoor’s absence, Team Adelaide flexed its muscle during a vote to choose two nominations for the SA Libraries Board.Mackie nominated Martin, while Snape nominated Moran. The pair had to absent themselves because the positions are paid, leaving only Mackie, Snape and Donovan.Team Adelaide member Mary Couros then declared during the council meeting that she would not be voting for either Martin or Moran because they featured prominently in a report into the council’s toxic culture.“Councillors Martin and Moran have been subject to a culture investigation that showed they are not capable of working with staff,” she told the meeting.The remark drew a sharp response from Snape, who described it as “slanderous” and demanded for it to be retracted.Couros found support in Verschoor, who told Snape: “It is not slanderous, the report is public”. This prompted him to refer to how there were multiple versions of the report, with only one publicly released.“Which one of the reports is public?” he asked.Snape then urged his fellow councillors to vote for Martin and Moran, describing them as “wonderful people”.His plea was in vain. Team Adelaide used its numbers to block the nominations 5-4, leaving the council without anyone likely to join the Libraries Board.

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