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Inside Crows star’s Covid caravan


Adelaide will play Fremantle in the preliminary final on April 2, hoping to make the club’s fourth AFLW grand final appearance on April 9, and the three-time All-Australian said she was taking no chances with the highly contagious virus.“My wife Tracey and I were talking about how I could avoid Covid and make sure that I put myself and the team in the best possible situation where firstly, I don’t catch it, then obviously secondly, don’t give it to the team,” she said.“And that’s where the idea for the caravan came from.”Phillips is also using her caravan as a makeshift radio studio, broadcasting from her driveway each morning as she co-hosts the Ali Clarke Breakfast Show on Mix102.3.“Like every workplace, Covid’s in our workplace,” the 36-year-old said. “The caravan may or may not work, but I’m just trying to do whatever it takes to reduce the risk of getting it, which would mean I’d potentially miss the finals, which would be pretty disappointing.”Also being factored into the caravan-move is that her twins Brooklyn and Blake have this year started school, which could increase the chances of Covid entering the Phillips household.“We thought about not sending the kids to school during finals … but for their education and what’s best for them, I couldn’t go that far,” the two-time Crows club champion said.“That’s why, with the caravan, I can just remove myself and then let them continue their lives and their education as well.“But when I am inside the house with them, it’s masks on and I can’t get too close to them like I used to and have them climb all over me.“It’s been really sad, I know it’s temporary, but it’s been hard. “You wish you could lie next to them at night and sing them songs and read them stories like you used to, but it’s just too risky for the time being.“For the short term I’m happy to do it, but it’s hard because I miss that connection with them.”Phillips isn’t alone in her attempts at Covid-avoidance. Throughout the season, numerous Crows players have spoken about opting out of events like family dinners, or avoiding high-risk settings like public gyms and hairdressing salons, or missing out on attending Fringe shows, in an extra effort to ensure the safety of the team. It’s important, given the impact of Covid has been felt deeply this AFLW season, with Collingwood the latest in a string of clubs to fall victim. The Magpies’ qualifying final against Brisbane had to be postponed a week until March 26, after a significant number of players were felled by illness, meaning the rest of the AFLW finals, including the Crows preliminary final, were all pushed back a week. Other measures being adopted by Adelaide in the lead-up to the all-important prelim, include mandated mask-wearing inside club headquarters – even during weights sessions – and regular testing with RATs.Phillips said these efforts demonstrated the outstanding commitment the players – many of whom were still having to work throughout the season – and club staff.“We’re doing everything we can, to desperately make sure we don’t catch it,” she said.“Every girl, and every staff member, has made sacrifices just to get this season underway and then obviously now having the prelim pushed back another week, it’s just another week to try to do everything we can to not get it.”The AFL is yet to announce the time and venue for the Crows’ preliminary final, but it’s likely it will be played at Adelaide Oval.

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