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‘Harmless’ uni Satan club curses student union ‘censorship’


Formed in late 2020, the Adelaide University Occult Club was provisionally registered with the Adelaide University Union (AUU), but this month their application for full registration was delayed.The club’s president, Ashley Towner, said about 10 different religions were represented in the club, that hosts book clubs and discussions about witchcraft, Satanism and paganism.Mr Towner said the club did not practise any rituals on Adelaide University campus due to its large number of conflicting religious beliefs.“We’re not just a witchcraft club, although a lot of our members are witches, we’re not just a Tarot reading club, even though a lot of our members do Tarot … It’s very broad,” he said.Mr Towner said the club was “completely harmless”.“It’s just a place on campus for people who are interested in the occult.”He said the occult name was chosen to represent the many views in the club.“The occult being different types of spiritual magic, not like magic tricks, but magic that can often be related to religions … and it’s a place for us to get together and discuss,” Mr Towner said.Registering a club at university entitles it to funding, as well as access to space and equipment.Mr Towner believed his club had its registration denied because he was told the AUU had received student complaints.He said other clubs have also faced hurdles because they did not align with the AUU’s views.“They’ve tabled it on the basis that they’re awaiting written complaints from students, but these complaints haven’t been written yet, they don’t seem to know which students they’re coming from, they don’t know the content of these complaints,” he said.“This particular process has never been used for any other club.”The club’s concerns come as a student protest over staff cuts, faculty mergers and cost-cutting to clubs was held at the Barr Smith Lawns on Thursday afternoon.President of the Adelaide University Student Representative Council (SRC), Ana Obradovic, said student “outrage” over “unaccountable” management had reached breaking point.“People have been outraged that we don’t get any say in how our education looks, or the direction that it’s heading,” Ms Obradovic said.She said the AUU, run by majorly Young Liberals who “get into unions to destroy student democracy from the inside”.The SRC’s funding has been cut, as well as Ms Obradovic’s pay, she said.“This is part of a wider pattern of anti-democratic attacks, that the rights have done to appease their own evangelical, right wing voting base, definitely doesn’t reflect the will of the students,” Ms Obradovic said.President of the AUU, Oscar Ong, and the University of Adelaide were contacted for comment.The club have started a petition to “save” their organisation, and can be found here.

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