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Family targeted by arson attack in ‘case of mistaken identity’


Fire crews were called to the home on Beare Ave just before 1am Friday after reports a home and brush fence were alight. Quick-thinking neighbours assisted in putting out the fence.The fire within the home, which had been targeted with molotov cocktails, did not take hold. The owners, who only recently moved to the area, were not harmed and police believe the incident was a case of mistaken identity and the arsonists were targeting the previous owners.No arrests have been made. In another suspicious fire, a Nissan SUV was torched at Hillcrest. The alarm was raised at a park in Delhi Ave about 3.10am Friday and the vehicle had been rolled on to its roof. Police believe the fire was deliberately lit and suspect it was stolen as number plates were removed.Anyone with information on either incident should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. AA Tiser News Feed October 2021

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