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‘Disgraceful’: Flood ‘liars’ on notice


More than $862 million in emergency aid has been paid out to over one million people since the flooding disaster across Northern NSW and Queensland. But with payments approved within minutes of applications, there have been reports some individuals could be seeking to exploit the system. Government Services Minister Linda Reynold said she was aware of the claims. “We are aware of an increasing number of cases of potential fraud,” Senator Reynolds told 2GB radio. “The vast majority of people are getting the money and they’re using it locally because they need it.“However, there are always a minority of people who do try to cheat the system. “That’s why we’ve got a very sophisticated intelligence and investigation capabilities to detect this fraud, to prosecute people, as we have done in the past.”Asked why the government had chosen to give the money without checks, Senator Reynolds said in times of real need, the money needed to go out quickly. But she added some claims would be reviewed upfront, while others would be subject to a retrospective review. Host Ben Fordham then read out several emails, including one from a small business owner, who was told four young workers claimed the payment despite not being impacted by the floods.Senator Reynolds encouraged anyone with any information to come forward.“If people are lying on their claim form when they declare that they have told the truth, please report it.”

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