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Cargo ship SINKS in Persian Gulf off Iran with 30 crew on board as desperate rescue is launched


A CARGO ship has sunk in the Persian Gulf off Iran with 30 crew on board, local reports claim.

Emergency services have launched a desperate rescue mission after the Emirati-flagged ship Al Salmy 6 sank 30 miles off Iran’s coast on Thursday.


The Al Salmy 6, not pictured above, sank off Iran’s coast on Thursday[/caption]

Captain Nizar Qaddoura, an operations manager of the Salem Al Makrani Cargo company, which owns the ship, said rescuers had saved 16 crew members.

Another 11 had made it onto a life raft, while one person was saved by a nearby tanker.

Two crew members were still in the water.

Iranian state media IRNA said the country’s searchers were trying to rescue those at sea.



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Port authorities told IRNA that crews have encountered rough and windy conditions at sea.

Marine tracking data suggests the vessel was the roll-on roll-off cargo ship Al Salmy 6.

TSalem Al Makrani Cargo company has declined to immediately comment.

Images released by IRNA and Iranian state television matched with the Al Salmy 6.

The U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet, which patrols in the Mideast, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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