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Baseball SA calls for ‘cultural change’ amid social media abuse


General Manager Sarah Kelly released a statement today referring to the repetitive vitriol received on social media. “As some of you are aware, we have once again come out the other side of a weekend of baseball with a tirade of negative social media comments towards Baseball SA and our staff,” the statement reads. “After experiencing and witnessing the impact of this poor, distasteful behaviour many times over recent years, I have a responsibility to call for it to cease immediately. “We have now lost an extremely valued, highly regarded member of our staff. There is only so much one person can take before they determine enough is enough.” Kelly continued to discuss the possible mental health impacts negative comments could have on Baseball SA and its staff. “The SA Work Health & Safety Act and the Equal Opportunity Act require that Baseball SA provide a physically and psychologically safe work environment that is free from harm, bullying and harassment.“In a world where there is much focus on recognising and understanding the mental health and wellbeing around us, it is deplorable that keyboard warriors continue to berate and degrade people within this office. “We are all human beings with families, good morals and integrity who go to work to perform our duties to the best of our abilities. “How does anyone know what each of these people’s mental health status is? When posting nasty and abusive messages on social media, how do we know how this is affecting that individual personally? We don’t.” In the statement, Kelly said Baseball SA would be implementing a new communications policy and framework, would remove any abuse online, and sanction clubs and/or members who behave inappropriately. She also said Baseball SA would work closely with clubs on improving culture both on and off the field. Remember to seek help – mental health helplinesMORE TO COME

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