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Amazing new European car confirmed for Oz


The Czech brand revealed Australian buyers will be able to order the Enyaq in 2023.Skoda is bringing both the conventionally styled SUV and the sporty coupe SUV versions to Australia.Based on the Volkswagen ID.4, which was named the World Car of the Year in 2021, the Enyaq iV promises to be one of the best electric vehicles to reach Australia.Volkswagen has previously ruled out the ID.4 and the smaller ID.3 for Australia in the near term as it prioritises EV supply to markets where governments have legally binding national emissions targets.Skoda Australia sales and planning manager, Kieran Merrigan, says customers have been asking for EVs and the local arm has been pushing head office for the EVs.“The challenge we are going to have is supply and demand. The Enyaq is outstripping supply in Europe already,” says Merrigan.“The engagement is high at the moment and the rising fuel prices is only going to increase that. I believe the market is ready for EVs, the amount of interest certainly suggests it,” he says.Sustainability is a big focus for the Enyaq iV with a wide variety of recycled and natural materials used throughout the cabin.Skoda Australia hasn’t confirmed which specific Enyaq variants will be coming to Australia.In Europe there are several to choose from with either rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive and the choice of a 62kW or a 82kW battery pack.The smaller capacity version is rear wheel drive only and its electric motor makes 132kW and 310Nm. The bigger battery version can be had with a single motor and rear-wheel drive with outputs of 150kW and 310Nm. Adding a second motor and all wheel drive pushes up power to 195kW.Buyers wanting more bang for their buck can choose the performance focused RS version with 220kW/460Nm and claimed 0-100km/h time of 6.5 seconds.Claimed driving range is between 410km and 540km depending on specification.The Enyaq can accept a chagrin rate of up to 125kWh, which should charge the battery from 5 to 80 per cent in about 22 minutes.

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