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Astronomers Discover A Planet That’s Just Like A Marshmallow

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Astronomers have recently come across a planet that has the average density of a marshmallow. Aside from looking soft and fluffy, the scientists also saw that the exoplanet is the same size as Jupiter and because it is gassy, it may just float if it were placed in a giant cosmic bathtub.

Astronomers discovered the interesting planet when they used the Kitt Peak National Observatory telescope in Arizona. They saw this unique-looking planet orbiting around a cool red dwarf star in its area.

The said planet is found approximately 580 light-years from Earth and is in the constellation of Auriga the Charioteer. They later identified it as TOI-3757 b and is the lowest-density planet to be around a red dwarf star.

The average density of TOI-3757 was then calculated and they saw that it was 0.27 grams per cubic centimeter (or about 17 grams per cubic feet). With the numbers they came up with, this would mean that it’s than half the density of Saturn, which is the lowest-density planet known in the Solar System. In other words, this was around one quarter the density of water. Hence, it shared the same density as a marshmallow.

NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite spotted how this planet crossed in front of its star. This gave the astronomers the chance to calculate the planet’s diameter and they saw this to be around 100,000 miles (or 150,000 kilometers). This makes it just a tad bigger than Jupiter.

As the planet orbits around its host star, it only takes it just 3.5 days, and this is 25-times less than the closest planet in our Solar System, which is Mercury. As for Mercury, this needs around 88 days to do the orbiting. One might assume that this might be enough to heat up and roast the said marshmallow planet. However, it must

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